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  • Avoiding grading?  Me?  No, not at all.  Why do you ask?
  • Second grade started today.  I'm remembering why I enjoyed the summer so much ... having to get up early, having to get everyone else in the house up early, having to pack lunches & backpacks the night before ... ugh.  So much work ahead for the next nine months ...
  • We went to a trout farm yesterday ... Clara had been saying that she absolutely wanted to go fishing.  Until we get there, and we start fishing, and it turns out that, well, you know, worms are slimy, and fish are slimy, and freshly caught fish violently thrash about and bleed all over the place ... so Jane & I end up doing all the catching of fish.  And then neither kid liked them for supper.  
  • Oh, well ... at least it was cheaper than going and buying a set of rods & fishing licenses to get to the same point ...
  • Both cars are on the fritz ... neither car has air conditioning, and my car has no cruise control.  Of course, I've got no time to actually, you know, do anything about either one ...
  • Michigan lost on Saturday.  Not unexpected, unfortunately.  This is going to be a long football season ...

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