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  • Kettering might actually get a more direct route to campus.  That would be wonderful for all concerned.
  • I gave up on working today and just tried to deal with all the crud on my desk at home that hasn't gotten touch in a month.  I'm actually making some good progress on it.  I'll pay for it tomorrow when I have to get real work done, but ... it had to be done, I guess.
  • One car fixed, one to go ...
  • Yes, it's been a really long week or two.  Of course, on Sunday, Pastor taught from Ecclesiastes 3 ("to everything there is a season"), which was a good reminder.  Having a good week, or having a bad week, doesn't necessarily have anything to do with whether or not you're doing what God wants you to do.  It's nicer when things are good, of course. 
  • For those of you who kept pestering me about publishing my rant, I sat down and rewrote it today and sent it off to the Technician.  They tell me they're going to publish it in the next edition.  I'll post a link here when it goes up.  It carries a much different tone as a set piece rather than a personal rant, but many of the core ideas still work.  (And maybe a new idea or two sneaks in.)  Anyways ... you'll have to tell me what you think.
  • On the Lions ... well, that didn't take long.  Wait until next year ...

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