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Jim Huggins
September 14th, 2008
09:20 pm
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random bits
  • Don Lafontaine passed away on September 1st.  What a cool way to make a living.
  • Michigan football sucks, and Lions football really sucks.  Gonna be a long fall.  (At least I can root for Pittsburgh by marriage.)
  • Gasoline rose in price by 70 cents/gallon in a week ... 40 cents/gallon in two days.  Sigh.
  • Four year olds are silly sometimes.  We drove this afternoon to the Ann Arbor Hands On Museum so my son could have a playdate with his best friend from daycare.  They probably didn't spend 15 minutes together out of the 3 hours at the museum.
  • Boy, am I ready for the term to be over ...
  • Kongregate flash games are incredibly addictive in this particular mood of mine ...
  • I'm over seven months behind in reading my newspapers.  Why can't I just admit that I can't keep up and burn the whole stack of them and move on?

Current Mood: pensivepensive

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