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Well, I knew this day would come.

I love reading newspapers.  But there's always something else to do ... some other crisis to handle, question to answer, mess to clean, whatever.  So I save my old newspapers, figuring that I'm gonna eventually clear some time and catch up.

The last time I was caught up was ... well, believe it or not, September 11, 2001.

This past month has been horrendous, as those of you who follow this blog know.  Finally, today, I sat down to try and read some newspapers again.

I am now eight months behind in my newspapers.

At this point, I have to give up.  I'm going to throw away everything before September 1st and start over again.

I hate doing it.  Mainly because it's admitting defeat.  Like the way that I hate the fact that the maid service is coming over tomorrow, because that's an admission that I can't keep the house clean.  It's a shot to the gut.

But I've also got 800 email messages in my buffer, three sets of programs to grade, three sets of exams coming in tomorrow to grade, and a whole new continuing education program to prepare for.  Not to mention the nine months worth of TV programs on video tape that we've timeshifted, hoping to watch at some convenient time.  Oh, yeah, and watch the kids, too.

I hate admitting defeat.  But I've lost this particular battle.


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