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Dear James K. Huggins: Thank you for your paper submission to SIGCSE 2009. Unfortunately, we are not able to accept your submission ...

Frak. Double-frak. (Swearing isn't as fun when you're not allowed to swear.)

I really, really, really wanted this one.

This is the third time I've submitted a paper to SIGCSE, and the third time it was rejected. The first two papers I submitted were, quite frankly, pretty bad, and the reviews that I got helped me to beef up the papers so I could submit it to a different conference (where it was accepted). But I thought this one had a shot.

The reviews basically said that the paper was well-written and well-sourced, but as a philosophical piece wasn't anything new. Even though it addressed the theme of the conference.

The SIGCSE folks do a really good job ... honestly, they do.  And the conference has an acceptance rate of about 33%, so I have about 200 colleagues who are just as disappointed as I am.

But ... dammit, I wanted this one so badly I could taste it.

They've given me a week to see if I want to turn it into a poster presentation.  After I get over it, I might just do that.  But it's not the same.

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