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More things I am thankful for ...
  • A clean garage. (I'd forgotten how long it had been since it had been that clean.)
  • A greeting of welcome from a friend at church ... who used words that showed that I was, in fact, truly welcome.
  • The gift of music, which keeps on giving, again and again.
  • A pastor who preaches the truth, and is willing to admit that he falls short of that truth himself.
  • Knowing that generations of young people are still playing Nethack ... and have celebrated that awesome game with an annual tournament each November. (I wish I still had the time to play Nethack ... it was an exceedingly cool pastime back in the day ...)
  • Being able to laugh at the Lions. Seriously. The Lions were winning 23-13 at halftime, and my honest thought was, "I wonder how they're going to manage to lose this one." I wasn't disappointed.
  • (Hm. Is rooting against the Lions like buying a credit default swap, hoping that someone defaults on a mortgage? Weird.)
  • Being recognized at work for all the little things.
  • Deciding to cancel class ... and having the boss affirm my decision after the fact.

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