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Banks are annoying.

My perfectly reasonable, free-everything checking account as long as I maintain a $1K balance and maintain direct deposit, just transmogrified into a basic checking account that doesn't give interest but is still free. Fine, I can deal with that.

Until today, when I realized that one of the "gotchas" is that printed checks are no longer free.

I can convert to the "yes, we really mean that it's free" account, but then I have to maintain a $2500 minimum balance. Grr.

Well, I've been meaning to change banks anyways ... this bank is in Ann Arbor, and we just never bothered to switch the account when we moved to Fenton. There's a credit union in town, and I just need to get over there and get the account setup. But it's a royal pain getting all the direct-deposit stuff fixed, all the automatic payment stuff transferred, then waiting for the old checks to clear, and so on. Sigh.

In other obscure news that will interest no-one ... just ordered a new desktop system from Dell. This will "fix" the memory problem with the old dying system ... but now we have a couple of months of transferring junk from one system to another. Sigh. (At least we have 18-months interest-free to pay it off.)

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