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Jim Huggins
January 17th, 2009
01:24 pm
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eBay auction help?
Ok, one of the projects I'm gonna undertake this sabbatical is to get onto eBay and sell some stuff.  Basically, the last couple of times that I got the Bag of Crap from Woot!, I got a bunch of nice stuff, but stuff I don't really need.  Jogging GPS unit, joystick (still shrink-wrapped), laptop docking station, stuff like that.  So, since I spent a total of $16 on the whole lot, I figured I could make a couple of bucks by reselling, and then have yet another Old Man Joins The Twenty-First Century Moment.  :)

So ... I know a bunch of you out there are eBay sellers.  Advice for the newbie, please?  (Like, um, how to get started?  Mistakes to avoid?)

Recommendations to RTFM would be welcome as well (along with links, of course ...)

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Date:January 17th, 2009 07:21 pm (UTC)
Thanks ... good ideas ...
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Date:January 19th, 2009 06:00 am (UTC)
Start with small, cheaper items. They'll be easier to describe, and will help to build up your rating (it's what I've been doing for the last two months) for higher priced items. Make sure to keep regular contact with buyers (I send them a message when I've mailed an item).

Also, watch your setup for shipping charges. I've sold about twenty items, and I'm still trying to find the sweet spot where I'm not looking like I'll do it by carrier pigeon and not way overcharging for shipping (to the point of turning off potential bidders). Overcharge to start with, but try to whittle it down over time.

When describing an item, don't try to apply "spin". That just gets bad reviews, and chances are you'll get someone interested anyway even at its current state.

Also, include your own pictures; it heightens trust and gives them a better idea of what they're in for.

When talking to a winner, ALWAYS use the eBay messaging system. If they try to stiff you, you can point to messages and say you worked on things. Don't ever respond through normal e-mail about an auction.
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