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eBay auction help?

Ok, one of the projects I'm gonna undertake this sabbatical is to get onto eBay and sell some stuff.  Basically, the last couple of times that I got the Bag of Crap from Woot!, I got a bunch of nice stuff, but stuff I don't really need.  Jogging GPS unit, joystick (still shrink-wrapped), laptop docking station, stuff like that.  So, since I spent a total of $16 on the whole lot, I figured I could make a couple of bucks by reselling, and then have yet another Old Man Joins The Twenty-First Century Moment.  :)

So ... I know a bunch of you out there are eBay sellers.  Advice for the newbie, please?  (Like, um, how to get started?  Mistakes to avoid?)

Recommendations to RTFM would be welcome as well (along with links, of course ...)

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