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academics: poster presentation?

This probably won't make sense if you're not in academia, so I'll put this under a cut ...

Ok, I've got a "poster presentation" next month at the SIGCSE conference.  The last couple of times I did a "poster presentation", I just made a bunch of ordinary PowerPoint slides and tacked them up with pins.  Which is fine.  So I drafted my first set of those slides a couple of days ago.  At the end of it, though, I was singularly unsatisfied with the results.  (Part of it is that I'm taking a paper that got rejected and turning it into a poster, so that I at least get something onto my vita this year.)

Lately, I've seen people taking these massive 3'-by-4' one-piece posters, with all sorts of snazzy graphics, insets, and other stuff.  I've poked around a bit and even found some of the templates people use to make the stuff, which almost makes me think I could make one of them.  But several obstacles arise ...
  • Still gotta figure out what content to put on one big poster instead of little slides.  Obvious, to be sure, but I need to make sure that I don't get so caught up in the formatting thing that I don't forget about the content.
  • Access.  I don't have access to any sort of huge printer, so I'd basically have to go to Kinko's, and pay out of my pocket.  Which makes me less interested in it.
  • Transport.  I'm flying to the conference ... which means that either I'd have to fold the poster to fit into my suitcase (not good), or carry it onto the plane --- which would force me to check my suitcase, costing me even more money in checked bag fees.
So ... I don't know where I should go with this, I guess.

One thought I'm mulling at the moment ... apparently, I can get 11x17 prints for free on campus.  So I could piece together something that would have fewer pieces than the 8.5x11 slides, and presumably look a little better as well.  Plus, I could put the 11x17 prints flat in the bottom of my suitcase, creating easy and free transportation.

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