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Jim Huggins
February 26th, 2009
11:19 pm
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Ok, it's a small one.  But I'll take it.

That massive pile of data that I'm supposed to analyze over this sabbatical?  Well, it's not analyzed.  Yet.  But I have now successfully parsed it into a set of data structures in Java, and verified the success by printing the entire data structure out.  Which is the long and tedious part of the project.

Now, I can start thinking about what sorts of calculations I want to do with this data.  Because it's in a nice spiffy format now.


Aside #1: I need a victory userpic ... cowboy guy just doesn't cut it.  How do I search for userpics?  I know there are some communities I could join, but those seem so freaking big ...

Aside #2: it's amazing how good it feels to code.  I spend so much time teaching coding, that I can't remember the last time I wrote a piece of code that was more than 30-40 lines long.

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Date:February 27th, 2009 01:32 pm (UTC)
unfortunately, I've found the communities to be the easiest way. I usually don't search back more than a couple pages, though, especially if they don't update all that often.
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