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Coming home sucks.

Well, another first in my life. Got my first speeding ticket.

Let's be clear ... I deserved it. Leaving Metro airport after a nice weekend away in Baltimore, and I wasn't paying attention to my speed or the speed limit, and got caught in a speed trap doing 59 in a 45. The officer was nice enough to only write me up for 5-over ... though it's still gonna suck to pay that ticket. (Actually, it sucks more that I have to wait a week to find out how much the ticket is, then wander around and figure out how to get a certified check or money order.)

The annoying thing about this is that I'm normally really anal-retentive about the speed limit. I'm one of those crazy folks who observes the speed limit on deserted roads in the middle of the night. And the one time I'm not paying attention is the time I get caught.

I suppose I could wax philosophical about it. "For whoever keeps the whole law and yet stumbles at just one point is guilty of breaking all of it." (James 2:10).

But mostly it just sucks. What a lovely way to come home.

Update: Just called the court. The good news: I can pay by personal check, and I don't have to wait for a week to find out how much it is, so I can dispose of it this afternoon. The bad news: $100. Sigh.

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