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help with Facebook for teens?

I have friends with a teenager who wants to get started with the whole Facebook thing.  They're concerned about the privacy aspects ... basically, they're not sure that their child understands the whole "don't tell everyone in the world your most intimate details" stuff.

(Let me note for the record that these are good people who aren't overreacting; they aren't one of those "OMG THE INTERWEBZ ARE EVIL" couples.  They're technically savvy, but like most people in my generation, they're not social media geeks.  Their concern is at an appropriate level for parents of teens.)

Anyways ... are there any good online resources for explaining what is and isn't appropriate for teens on Facebook (e.g. what values to use for  the zillions of privacy control settings)?  If you'll post your favorite links here, I'll be happy to pass them along.

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