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One of these days, I'm going to actually update this blog with several posts on my life over the last two months.  It's pretty much all good stuff ... three trips to various places on vacation with various people.  God is good.  God is very good.

But right now ... 

I have a meeting on Wednesday afternoon which I am dreading ... in which I must stand and speak true words that will be unpopular, and most likely bring scorn upon me from certain circles.  And that scorn may be long-lasting and delayed in coming as well ... so there will probably be little, if any, relief once the meeting is over.

That will not deter me from doing what I must do.  But it fills me with dread nevertheless.

Plus, I must find a way to speak truth objectively, and in love ... even though the circumstances compel me towards hate.  "Speaking the truth in love" will be extremely difficult.

If you pray, please pray for me before, and during, that time.  I need wisdom, and courage.   And, perhaps above all else, peace.


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