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Life with Isaac

Today is Labor Day, which around our house mainly meant that it's "do all those little projects day". Jane & Clara are shopping for school clothes and supplies and such, and I've been doing projects while Isaac (2) watches.

Two interesting observations.

1) He likes power tools. I had to drive a screw into a stud in order to mount a phone. When I used my power drill to sink the screw, Isaac said "wowwwwwww ..."

2) He likes Star Trek: TOS! I've got a DVD of TOS Season One playing right now, and he's fascinated by it. (For me, it's a nice break from the endless stream of Barney videos.) Not sure what he finds so fascinating ... all the dramatic musical stings, or perhaps the simple primary colors in the Federation uniforms. But he likes it. And I haven't even shown him the Tribbles episode yet ...

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