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I was going to rant a bit ... but maybe I'll put that off.

Looking up above, I'm reminded that today is September 11th. For the students that I teach, this was probably their first "Where were you when you heard that ..." moment.

For me, my first moment was Reagan's assassination attempt. There haven't been many since ... the Challenger disaster, the opening night of Desert Storm. And 9/11.

That morning, I was listening to the BBC while sitting in one of my CS-102 laboratories, killing time while helping one or two students with the program that was due that night. It took a long time for the seriousness of it to be reflected in the radio reporting, but once it did, it was stunning. (And then I had to leave the radio reporting and head out to teach my ethics class.)

That afternoon, Kettering cancelled classes, so I went home and mowed my lawn. Seriously. Though I did have my radio on, listening to NPR's coverage of the aftermath.

That was also the last day that I was actually up-to-date in my newspaper reading. I've been consistently 2-3 months behind the times since then. (Right now, I'm 5.5 months behind the date. I really should just give up.)

So ... where were you five years ago today?

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