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Random bits as I avoid doing anything useful ...
  • Saw Surrogates this week.  Surprisingly good.  It's interesting seeing a movie that doesn't try to overreach.  It takes an interesting premise, explores it, resolves it, and then moves on in only 90 minutes.  It doesn't try to over-reach or over-stimulate or over-anything.  It is what it is.  Sure, it gets a little formulaic at the end.  But it executes that formula quite well.
  • Blogging these days is ... interesting.  I've deliberately set up this blog (and my Facebook page) to be extremely world-readable, in part because of the public relations aspect of my job.  But lately I've felt the tension .. wanting to vent about certain things, but not being able to do so precisely because of the public nature of my job, and the confidentiality that governs much of it.  (Plus, having one of those awkward moments when you find out that people up the management chain are reading your pages from time to time.  Nothing I said was problematic, but still ... certain elements of my job lead to a certain level of paranoia ... )
  • I get to play single Dad for the week ... as my wife heads off to an academic conference.  I know that this shouldn't be a big deal ... Jane does it all the time when I travel, and without complaint.  Still, she tends to handle more of the child care responsibilities than I do (while I take on other household duties) ... so it's going to be awfully unfamiliar territory for awhile. 
  • That's a really long way to say "AUGH!  HOME ALONE WITH THE KIDS!".  :)
  • I'm desperately behind in paperwork ... haven't balanced the checkbook in months now.  I can get just about to the point in processing the mail that I can start in on the accumulated paperwork, and that's about it ... no further.  Sigh.
  • Really, what I appear to be is tired ... mentally, physically, the works.  I've spent most of today just playing games ... which sometimes is restorative, but sometimes isn't.

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