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An article on the gay marriage wars

Is The Gay Marriage Debate Over?  (from Christianity Today)

Now, I tread lightly to even mention this topic in the blogosphere.  This is one of those topics that bitterly divides people, and I seriously doubt that anyone with a strong opinion on this matter will be persuaded to change their minds, in either direction, from one blog posting from a balding, overweight computer scientist.

What I appreciate about this article is that, while it clearly advocates from a conservative point-of-view, it also acknowledges the hypocrisy of that view.  The solution, according to the author, isn't to throw out the argument as being tainted by hypocrisy; rather, the solution is to fix the hypocrisy, thereby creating a sounder platform from which to advocate the position.  And that makes a great deal of sense to me.

In essence, this is a call to conservatives (like me) to get our acts together and start demonstrating the power of marriage by deeds, not by words.  May it be so.

(and now I'll crawl back into my corner over here and watch the fur fly ...)


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