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On "Tangled", and profound life thoughts

Tonight, I went with the extended family to see the new Disney movie Tangled.  It's a fairly typical Disney fairy tale --- in the sense that, while somewhat predictable, it was exceedingly well done.  It'll stand alongside all of the classic Disney fairy tales with pride.

There's a line from the middle of the movie that has me thinking.  At one point, the heroine asks, rhetorically, "What do you do when you've finally lived your dream?"  The hero says in response: "You get to choose a new dream."

For some reason, I can't get that line out of my head.

So much of what I've been doing lately --- at work, at church, at home --- has been in the nature of ordinary maintenance sort of tasks.  There's nothing wrong with that, of course.  Maintenance has to be done.  Things fall apart if not tended to; the effort to keep things going is important and worthwhile.

But maintenance work isn't exciting.  It isn't glamorous.  You don't get rewards, or recognition, for how well you do the ordinary stuff.

I think some of my malaise over the last few weeks has come from the fact that I don't really have a big dream to pursue right now.  Oh, I've got plenty of stuff to do.  But while all of it is important, none of it is big or inspiring.  None of it gets me out of bed in the morning and makes me eager to head to work or church or wherever. 

I have some possibilities.  A few projects that got shelved to the back burner.  A few nascent beginnings that might turn into something remarkable ... or, like most of the ones I've tackled lately, will fizzle out and die.  Some new relationships starting up that could be the start of something interesting.

But I need to think about what this means.  Just because I've tried so many things that haven't panned out doesn't mean I should stop dreaming.  It's painful to put myself out there again and risk failure and rejection.  

But I'm tired of walking through life on auto-pilot.


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