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Defiant no longer, Weiner resigns in sex scandal - Yahoo! News

Defiant no longer, Weiner resigns in sex scandal - Yahoo! News

I'm not going to pile-on with the usual set of jokes.  Others far more skilled than I have already made just about every joke possible.

But I do want to say this.  From this observer's point-of-view ... it wasn't Weiner's sex life that caused his political downfall.  It was lying about it, and asking others to lie about it.  If he'd be honest about his mistake earlier, he could've survived the political onslaught.

Weiner joins a long and distinguished list of public figures --- on all sides of the public sphere --- who got into trouble not for doing something wrong, but for lying about it later.  Richard Nixon.  Bill Clinton.  Kwame Kilpatrick.  Martha Stewart.  Dez Bryant.

Students, learn the lesson here: the truth matters.

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