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In Person: Falling Off the Ladder: How Not to Succeed in Academia - Science Careers - Biotech, Pharm

In Person: Falling Off the Ladder: How Not to Succeed in Academia - Science Careers - Biotech, Pharmaceutical, Faculty, Postdoc jobs on Science Careers

Mark Guzdial posted this link to his blog back in February ... and I just got the chance to read it now.  (Yes, I'm terribly behind in reading my email, why do you ask?)

The story is haunting ... in part, because it resonates so much with how I'm feeling professionally at the moment. Why is it that the things that I find interesting to do aren't as rewarded by the surrounding institutional structures as those made by others? Why am I unwilling to acknowledge the rewards I have received, and keep coveting the rewards I haven't? While I'm not in Dr. Weston's position of feeling "pushed" out of academia, I do find myself wondering if my life choices have put me into a position where I'm professionally stranded.  And yet, what's wrong with being "stranded" in a job that I love, doing work that I love, with a life that I love?  Am I really so concerned about the approval of others?  (Sadly ... I probably am.)

When I think about these issues, I keep coming back to two quotes ...

The Grandfather in The Princess Bride: "Who says life is fair?"
Steve Jobs: "Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life."

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