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Sunday, our pastor preached on I Kings 17:7-16, the Widow at Zarephath. For an old-timer like me, I've heard and read this passage a bunch of times. But this time, it was much more meaningful for me.

The widow is in a rough spot ... literally, down to her last meal, not just for her, but her son as well. And Elijah comes along and asks for a portion of her last meal! Amazingly enough, God provides for her ... not just for that meal, but the next, and the next, and so on until the famine stops.

Part of my griping with God lately has been that I'm lonely, and I'm a little tired of reaching out to people and not having anyone reach back to me. (Or, as has happened repeatedly, the people who reach out to me end up losing their jobs and leaving town.) And when I pray, the only message I get from God seems to be the one Elijah gets a couple chapters later (I Kings 19): namely, suck it up, get some rest, fix your diet, and get back to work. It's terribly discouraging.

But here, we see someone (the widow) who's asked to do something totally ridiculous. She's got nothing ... literally, nothing ... and is asked to give even that much to God. It makes absolutely no rational sense. And God rewards that beyond her wildest dreams.

So, maybe, it's time for me to try and get back into the game a bit here. I'm still tired, and I'm still lonely, but just because God hasn't seen fit to give me what I want right now doesn't me he won't the next time 'round. (Not that what I want is exactly what I need, of course, but ... aw, you know the drill ...).

Time to put myself back on the line again. (For some reason, I keep thinking of A Chorus Line ... is there a lyric from that which fits here? I've only actually seen the whole show once ...)

More trivial random bits follow:

  • You are voting tomorrow, right?
  • Amazing the number of pushy phone calls we're getting ... especially with phony Caller-ID listings. (Just got one whose return phone number was literally 123-456-7890.)
  • Another blessed moment ... lecturing in Crypto today on zero preparation, I was really afraid that things would get all screwed up. And then, in the middle of the proof of the Chinese remainder theorem, the whole thing suddenly made sense to me. Sometimes, math can be really beautiful. (Now, if I can just figure out why I cared about the silly thing in the first place ...). Providence is a cool thing.
  • My wife bought a Palm. Augh. She's ahead of me on the techie curve. Sigh.

    (Seriously, though, as cool as it is, I'm not sure I've got a practical use for it. She wants it for the calendaring functions, which she uses extensively in her Daytimer. My needs may be more practically met by a portfolio calendar.)
  • My wife's a Steelers fan. I'm a Lions fan. If you'd told us at the beginning of the season that the Lions and Steelers would have the same record after eight games, you'd have thought that was a pretty good thing for the Lions. Go figure.
  • Article that amuses me for some strange reason: Procreation Vacations.

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