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Things that may only amuse me ...

  • Friday was "Spirit Day" at Kettering. A random prize patrol (well, not that random, since I invited them to come into my class) gave me a free Kettering carabiner. Um ... what do I do with this thing? I'm obviously not going to go mountain-climbing, so ... um, what else do people do with them?

  • LJ seems not to interact well with Firefox (even the upgraded version). Lots of times I end up with various menus superimposed on top of one another. IE works fine, though. Sigh.

  • Got to see Patrick Stewart as Prospero in The Tempest on Friday night. Amazing.

    Even more so, I got to see a bit of why Stewart has such a reputation as a stage actor. He takes to the stage with genuine excitement and glee. You can see how much he thrives on the audience. (Which makes it even more remarkable that he's managed to do just as well in television and on film.)

  • Nothing like having a wonderful, relaxing, romantic evening with your life at the theater, and then to come home and discover your daughter threw up all over the place. (Thank goodness for Grandma, who had most of it cleaned up by the time we got in.) Romance is definitely much more difficult with kids.

  • The aforementioned kid was sick on Thursday, forcing me to stay home and cancel class. I suppose it was nice that I got a day to work on home junk ... but a little depressing to spend all day working on that stuff and to see how much stuff is left to be done.

  • Six days until The Game. Wow.


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