November 6th, 2006


random bits wandering through my head

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More trivial random bits follow:

  • You are voting tomorrow, right?
  • Amazing the number of pushy phone calls we're getting ... especially with phony Caller-ID listings. (Just got one whose return phone number was literally 123-456-7890.)
  • Another blessed moment ... lecturing in Crypto today on zero preparation, I was really afraid that things would get all screwed up. And then, in the middle of the proof of the Chinese remainder theorem, the whole thing suddenly made sense to me. Sometimes, math can be really beautiful. (Now, if I can just figure out why I cared about the silly thing in the first place ...). Providence is a cool thing.
  • My wife bought a Palm. Augh. She's ahead of me on the techie curve. Sigh.

    (Seriously, though, as cool as it is, I'm not sure I've got a practical use for it. She wants it for the calendaring functions, which she uses extensively in her Daytimer. My needs may be more practically met by a portfolio calendar.)
  • My wife's a Steelers fan. I'm a Lions fan. If you'd told us at the beginning of the season that the Lions and Steelers would have the same record after eight games, you'd have thought that was a pretty good thing for the Lions. Go figure.
  • Article that amuses me for some strange reason: Procreation Vacations.
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