January 2nd, 2007


Firefox weirdness

Ok, this is strange.

I have two PCs I use on a regular basis; my old HP Compax Nx9110, and my new Dell XPS system.  Both have the same updated version of Firefox running on them.  But the Dell renders webpages differently than the HP does; in particular, layouts tend to get screwed up all the time (overlapping columns, boxes, etc.).   I've noticed this both on LiveJournal and Woot.com.

Any possible idea why this is going on?  It's downright annoying.
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RSS, Podcasting, and a Palm: help?

Still playing with my new Palm, and finding it nice.  The cheap FM transmitter I got in the Bag of Crap works nicely with it, too, so I can listen to audio files in my car with it.

So, now I need to find some audio files to put on my Palm to have something to which I can listen.  :)

Seriously, though, being an old fart, probably what I'd like to do is to download podcasts of a bunch of NPR/APR weekly programs.  Most of them (claim to) have RSS feeds.  So, I'd like a program that I could register all those podcasts with, which would then, at my bidding, download them from the various websites and prepare them for syncing onto my Palm.

So ... what tools out there will do this (at least partially)?  I've done absolutely no searching on this yet, but figured I'd ask for advice first.
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