September 13th, 2007


sigh ...

  • Get home last night to discover that the speakers on the Dell don't work anymore.  Resign myself to the fact that I'll have to waste the entire evening on the phone with tech support to convince them that it actually is a hardware problem.  (Having said that, I did manage to convince them of that, and they'll ship a new one out today, and the tech was fairly courteous.)
  • Opened my Palm this morning to load some new podcasts onto it ... and discovered that my SD card is missing, with my accumulated old podcasts.  Of course, it could've fallen out anytime in the last couple of days or so.  I have no idea where to even begin looking for something so tiny ...
  • Large pile of programs sitting in front of me to be graded ... today, no more excuses.

Someone can turn off the Murphy's Law switch now, kthx.
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