June 24th, 2008



Union Station Photo Flap (from myfoxdc.com, via Bruce Schneier's Crypto-gram)

Irony at its best.

In DC, there's a lot of controversy about public photography lately ... tourists are getting hassled while taking pictures in public places, in the name of "security" ... even though they're taking photos of public buildings in public spaces.  One place this is happening is in Union Station.  So, Fox DC does a big news piece on whether or not you can take photos in Union Station (you can).  Of course, while their reporter is doing a video interview with the Amtrak manager at Union Station, who is saying that photography is absolutely permitted, a security guard comes up to them and makes them stop, because he says that you can't shoot pictures in Union Station ...
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missed it by *that* much ...

We went and saw Get Smart! yesterday.

It takes a while to grow on you ... but it really does.  It's fun.  Steve Carrell doesn't try to be Don Adams (who could?), and, after awhile, that really starts to work.  They do lots of the classic schtick, but in an updated way that works.  (They do all the signature lines, with one exception ... but for the most part, you don't see them coming, which is good.)

I saw the original series in reruns as a kid ... and so, for me, it was very much an homage movie.  I'm not sure how well it would do as a movie standing on its own.  Of course, most of the rest of the people in the theater with us were kids half my age (sigh), so either it does work, or everyone else has seen it in reruns as well.  (Heard a rumor they were on Nick at Night for awhile?)

Anyways ... for you young pups out there ... have you seen it?  Does it work for you, too?
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the thrill of victory ... the agony of defeat ...

The good news: for the first time in months, I am up-to-date on my email.  After the AP reading, I had over 900 messages in my buffer.  Now, it's just over 100; most of those require actual work to process, which I can start working on tomorrow.

The bad news: my weight is moving back up-up-up again ... up 7 pounds from my triumphant low last month.  Sigh.  Time to go back on bread-and-water ...
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