July 8th, 2008


more geek help needed ... this time, eBay (or similar?)

Well, my BoC finally arrived from Woot.  There's a bunch of junk in it, but the feature item is a nice new Navman R300 GPS unit.  (It's a GPS for runners ... tracks time, mileage, pacing, stuff like that.)

I'm not a runner (obvious to anyone who's seen me), and I don't know any high-intensity runners.  But a quick look at Froogle says that the thing is probably worth at least $75.  So ... guess it's time for the rite of passage ... time to enter the world of eBay.

Any tips out there for a first time seller?  (In particular, are there things I should do, or not do?  Or are there better auction sites out there?)
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