January 17th, 2009



  • I was invited again to the AP Computer Science reading.  And there is much rejoicing.  Seriously ... I really enjoy being a part of this community.  There's never a promise that I'll be invited from year to year, so ... getting a new invitation every year is a real thrill.  And this year, it's in Cincinnati ... which is close enough that I'm going to drive instead of fly.  It's just about a push in terms of total time, but it's a lot less hassle, and I'll have my car available if I want it for something or other.  (Not that I ever end up needing it for something or other, of course.)
  • Week one of the sabbatical ... and, well, I haven't really done anything sabbatical-ish.  It's mainly been cleaning house, fixing odd stuff, cleaning house, and stuff like that.  A certain amount of brain detox is in order, I'm hoping.  But part of it is that Jane is in the middle of grant-writing mode, which mainly means that she's hibernating while writing, and I'm running the house for awhile.  The major push should be over tonight.  Which we will all be quite happy about.
  • I seem to be a full-fledged part of Kettering's media strategy these days.  I just got a copy of a new brochure that Kettering is sending out to admitted students, showing them cool pictures and quotes from faculty.  And I'm in it.  I barely remember the photo shoot (it was, like, two years ago), and I don't remember the quote ... but it's an amazingly cool picture of me.  (I'll post a link or a copy if/when I ever see one.)
  • And, on Monday, they asked me to come into the office because they're trying to shoot video/audio for a 60-second commercial for the CS program ... and my boss asked me to come in, 'cuz I'm a "silver-tongued devil".  I'm flattered.  :)  I suppose that means I should wear a suit on Monday, even though I rarely do in real life.  Unless I should just wear one of my Kettering polo shirts instead?  Should I look cool, or look realistic?
  • You know, I've lived in this state for my whole life.  And I never really understand everyone who complains about the cold and the snow.  I mean, it's not like it's never been cold or snowy here before.    So you get used to it.  But this winter ... for whatever reason ... dang, it's cold.
  • Maybe I'm just getting old.  Yeesh.
  • Did I mention that I get to go to the AP reading in Cincinnati in June?
  • Ok, on to the next posting, which will be a little less random ...
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eBay auction help?

Ok, one of the projects I'm gonna undertake this sabbatical is to get onto eBay and sell some stuff.  Basically, the last couple of times that I got the Bag of Crap from Woot!, I got a bunch of nice stuff, but stuff I don't really need.  Jogging GPS unit, joystick (still shrink-wrapped), laptop docking station, stuff like that.  So, since I spent a total of $16 on the whole lot, I figured I could make a couple of bucks by reselling, and then have yet another Old Man Joins The Twenty-First Century Moment.  :)

So ... I know a bunch of you out there are eBay sellers.  Advice for the newbie, please?  (Like, um, how to get started?  Mistakes to avoid?)

Recommendations to RTFM would be welcome as well (along with links, of course ...)
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homeowner's question

Every day for the past three days, the pilot light on the hot water heater has gone out.  It relights rather easily, however.

Of course, it is also un-freakin-believably cold at the moment.

Will this problem just go away when the outside temperature finally decides to stay in positive digits, or is this a symptom of something more serious?
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