February 11th, 2009


more "boy, how things have changed" thoughts ...

Not nearly so cynical this time, but ... I just keep getting reminded how attitudes change over time ...

Case 1: When I was a kid, and my folks went out on a date, Dad would go out and pick up the babysitter and take her home.  Because, you know, Dad drove everywhere, and making all the arrangements for date night was the Dad's job.  Now, when my wife and I go out, she's the one to go and pick up the babysitter.  Not because we're enlightend and Moms can be involved in planning date nights and Moms can drive cars and stuff, although all of that is true.  But the main reason she picks up the sitter is that putting an older man like me alone in a car with a young teenage girl would invite suspicion --- even knowing that I'm married, and she's young enough to be my daughter, and that I'm a good person.

Case 2: Just printed out a baby shower registry this afternoon.  The registry wasn't listed under "mother" and "father", but under "Registrant" and "Co-Registrant".  I realize why they phrase the titles that way, of course ... and it makes sense to not force situations that don't fit "The Pattern".  But it's still a little visually jarring.

Don't know why I'm noticing all these things lately.  Am I starting to turn into a cranky old geezer?
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