February 19th, 2009


strike three

So, I had this great idea for a paper, talking about the benefits of cooperative education for computer science majors. And I spent way too much time this summer writing it ... polishing the text, looking up sources, and like that. And I submitted it to SIGCSE, my favorite conference.

Strike one: they rejected it.  Ok, I'm disappointed, but I always get rejected by SIGCSE.  I'm making a poster out of it, but posters don't "count" in academia as much as papers do.

So, I did what I usually do ... I resubmitted it to another conference, FIE, which usually has fewer CS papers and is looking for more content.

Strike two:

As General Chair for the 2009 Frontiers in Education conference, I am sorry to inform you that your abstract has not been accepted by the Program Committee for presentation at the 2009 Frontiers in Education conference.  The conference received over 600 abstracts this year, which resulted in a very competitive selection process.

Sigh.  Thank you, sir, may I have another?

Well ... there's a small regional CS conference I could attend in October ... oh, frak, that's the weekend I'm going to organize an event on-campus for local CS high school teachers.  I guess that's strike three.

It's been so long since I've had something published ... sigh ...

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academics are weird

So here's the thing ...

I've found a place to try and resubmit the article.  They've got a word count limit of 3000 words.  Quick check of MS Word says I'm at 4300 words.

After working at the thing for about an hour, I'm down to about 3500 words.  And I'm thinking that I should be able to get it down to 3000 words pretty easily.

The fact that I can say the same thing in 3000 words or 4500 words is bizarre ...
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