February 28th, 2009


The phenomemon known as the Daddy-Daughter Dance

Or, as the guy standing next to me put it ... the "abandoned-Daddy-Daughter Dance", since the protocol for the evening is mostly all the little girls running around the dance floor enjoying each others' company, while all the dads look on wistfully.

Actually, she's not that bad on the dance floor.  Of course, taking dance lessons helps immensely ... I could see her throwing a dance move or two in there as the thought hit.

But, hey ... she had fun.  So I tried to amuse myself by trying to figure out the bass lines in all the girl-band rock ballads.  Every now and then I have to fake a bass line on the keyboard at church, so learning a few basic riffs can't hurt.

Of course, then I was unexpectedly exposed to this:

Am I so old that they're starting to do remixes of stuff I saw in freakin' grad school?  Somebody get a cane for the old man ...

(Of course ... the remix is actually pretty good.  So maybe I can put off getting that AARP card for a few years, yet ...)

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