March 21st, 2009


random bits

  • Honestly, I try to get my taxes done early every year.  I get jealous hearing about people who have their refunds back already.  And then this week, I get the "corrected" copy of one of my 1099 forms, which apparently they are allowed to send me as late as March 15th.  I should just give up and concede the fact that it's impossible for me to submit my taxes early.  That'd be a whole lot less guilt.
  • Of course, guilt is easy for me to come by.
  • Thrill of the week: I did some reviewing work for someone, and got a reply back saying "Thanks ... that's exactly the feedback we needed." 
  • I may have made some progress in the last couple of weeks on my retention study ... had the flash of insight.  Now, I need to see if the bulk of the data backs my intuition ... and see if I can generate a statistic which backs it all up.  Because, of course, in my business, nothing is authoritative unless there's a number attached to it.  
  • Went square dancing last night with Jane.  Gosh, that was fun.  We've been in a square dance practice class for about a year ... but going to an honest-to-goodness square dance, with a caller calling tips at almost full speed, put everything in perspective. 
  • And there's a peculiar culture common to square dancers ... it's interesting, observing it from a cross-cultural perspective.  Very friendly and warm.
  • Ok, enough avoiding work ...
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