May 6th, 2015


Wednesday Hodgepodge: 6 May 2015

The Wednesday Hodgepodge is courtesy of From This Side of the Pond.

1. What's a phrase your mother often said to you? If you're a parent, is this something you now say to your own children?

About the only one I remember is "rassenfritz".  It's her version of a "safe swear word".    No, I don't use it ... I've adopted other safe swear words.  :)

2. What is a scent you associate with your mother or your childhood home?

Sorry ... can't think of one.   Of course, remembering a smell is tricky.

3. What's an activity you remember always doing with your mother (or someone who was a mother figure in your life)?

I don't remember any particular activity.   Though I do remember a number of late-night conversations about life.

4. Flared jeans, maxi dresses, and jumpsuits are 70's fashion trends back this spring. Are you on board? Which trend would you be most inclined to try? For the men...flared corduroys, wide-collared shirts, and floral prints...what say you?

As I've said before ... if I've got a pair of matching socks, it's usually a pretty good day for me.   I do have a couple of Hawaiian shirts that I mostly bring out for the AP Reading ... closest thing I have to a "floral print".   I could probably embrace them if need be ... stylistically, I think I've approached the point where I'm embracing the "I'm a weird professor" aesthetic.

5. May 6th is Teacher Appreciation Day and also Nurse Appreciation Day. Is there a nurse or teacher  you have especially appreciated along the way? Tell us why?

For me, "that teacher" is Dr. Jerry Smith, my high school vocal music teacher.   He was a brilliant teacher, to be sure --- more than that, he was a leader of people, young and old.   I still find myself calling my students "sir" and "ma'am" when I call upon them in class --- that's something that he did, and somehow got embedded in my brain long before I ever thought about being a teacher.

6. If I came by your house, what would I find on your frig door?

Any number of magnets acquired over the years (some with photos attached), a couple of shopping lists ... I think that's about it.

7. Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana made her royal entrance on Saturday, May 2nd. On a scale of 1-10, how much attention did you give to all the news coverage? 1=Who's Charlotte? 10=sat glued to the telly, cuppa in hand.

About a "2", I guess.   I saw the news items in my Facebook feed, but mostly because it mattered more to other people in my Facebook feed.   I'm not anti-royal ... I'm just not into celebrity worship much anymore.

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

I am slowly starting to realize that, even though my professional prospects for advancement are horrible, I am starting to receive some tangible recognition for what I do contribute to my workplace.   It's something ... and I have to remember that when "the voices in my head" try to tell me otherwise.