Jim Huggins (jkhuggins) wrote,
Jim Huggins

Wednesday Hodgepodge: 6 July 2016

It's baaaaaaaaaack .........

1. How did you welcome the month of July, and tell us one fun thing you did to celebrate the 4th. (or the weekend for any non-USA residents playing along today)

We welcomed the month of July by driving home from our annual vacation at Cedar Campus.   I've talked about Cedar many times before; this place is holy ground for us, and it's an important week for our family.

July 4th?  We had a fairly relaxed day ... slept wait, took in a movie (X-Men: Apocalypse), then tried a new Mediterranean restaurant for dinner.

2. Right now..what's your favorite red thing? white thing? blue thing?

Um.   Wow, this is hard.   I don't think of a lot of things in my environment as "favorite" things.

Red?   Oh ... look at this cherry cobbler sitting on the table here.   I love summer cooking with fresh fruit.  :)
White?   I can't think of a lot of things around me that are dominantly white in color.   Maybe the new set of socks I just bought, because the old ones all had holes?
Blue?   Here, it's the opposite problem, because lots of things in my world are blue.  Probably I'd have to pick a jacket that I received as a gift for attending a teaching retreat here at Kettering.   It fits well, and looks sharp.

3. Wave the white flag, raise a red flag, fly your freak flag...which 'flag' have you flown most recently? Explain.

Wave the white flag.   I'm having to learn how to give up the unrealistic expectations I set up for myself, and trying to say "no" to things.   Saying "no" to good things is hard, but I'm about to be over-extended for the next six months, and I've got to do a better job of being extremely selfish about my self-care.

4. According to Cond Nast Traveler these are the seven best places to visit in July-
a boat safari in Botswanna's Okavango Delta, Riviera Maya Mexico (it's whale shark season and apparently you can swim with them), Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons, Pamploma Spain, St. Petersburg Russia, the Fuji Rock Festival at Mount Naeba Japan, the Salzburg Festival in Salzburg Austria
If time and money weren't factors would you want to see any/all of these? Which would you most like to see and why?

I haven't taken the time to really investigate most of these.   My uninformed glance through the list suggests the Salzburg Festival ... I've really enjoyed the little time I spent in Europe during my mad research days, and I think that might be delightful.

5. Grilled cheese, pimento cheese, or mac and cheese...your favorite from the cheesy treats listed?

I used to love pimento cheese spread when I was a kid ... haven't had it in ages.   Between the other two, I'd pick mac and cheese ... I've never been an amazing fan of grilled cheese, and people are doing all sorts of interesting things with mac and cheese these days.

6. What makes you sweat?

What doesn't?  :)

Seriously ... most outdoor exertion.   I'm overweight.

7. Your favorite movie with a 'patriotic' theme of some sort?

This is really hard for me, as the jingoism that often accompanies displays of patriotism bothers me.   Paradoxically, some of the older wartime movies have appeal --- at least the ones that have some sort of strategic elements in them.   The Longest Day and The Great Escape come to mind.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

So, I didn't do much hodgepodge blogging over my non-teaching term (April-June); I think the different rhythm of my days meant that I wasn't thinking about doing this.   And then I went to the AP Reading in June and had several people tell me how much they enjoyed my blog entries, especially the Hodgepodge.   It still surprises me that people like reading what I write.  :).   So, I'm going to try to get back into the habit of writing once again.   It's a good muscle for me to exercise now and then.

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