March 2nd, 2019


SIGCSE 2019: public accountability

What, nine months since my last blog entry?   Well ... read the previous entry to read why.

Seriously, though .... my annual trip to the SIGCSE 2019 Symposium just concluded.   And I'm going to head back to the office on Monday, right into the middle of a campus-wide fight (sigh), find the pile of grading that I need to work on, and forget about all the interesting ideas I encountered.  The pile of paperwork I collected will end up in a corner of the office, only to be encountered a year from now when I clean the office and have long since lost the opportunity to put some of what I learned into practice.

Will that happen again?   Yeah, probably.   But maybe I can do something to help with that.

So, in what follows, I'm going to capture the ideas I ran across, mostly from the little notebook I picked up in the exhibit hall (thank you, SIGCSE 2020 organizers), and what I'd like to do about them.   Maybe publicly speaking the words into existence will make it more likely that something will actually happen with them.

If you like, feel free to ask me about these ideas in the coming months, to hold me accountable.   Or, if CS education topics aren't your speed, go ahead and move on to the next item in your news feed.

Last chance to bail out ...

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