February 4th, 2021


I miss harmony.

(Warning, long, self-indulgent, emo post.   Read on at your own risk.)

Several years ago, as my patient family will attest, I fell into a YouTube rabbit hole of barbershop quartet videos.   I couldn't get enough of them.   I'm not sure how I stumbled into that.   I think I had been looking for musical theater videos to show to my kids (to broaden their cultural references), and then I stumbled into this one:

And then I followed link after link of barbershop songs.   Some of it was a little familiar, having been exposed to barbershop singing from my high school choir (one concert, our men's select chorus had an exchange of songs with the local SPEBSQSA chapter) ... and in recent years, having been invited to sing in a pick-up barbershop choir at SIGCSE.

I was pretty sure why I'd fallen down that rabbit hole, and I didn't mind.  (More on that later.)   I still dive down there from time to time ... usually when the annual international championship performances are posted to YouTube.  (Except this year, sigh...)

And then this past month, I discovered a different rabbit hole:

Sea shanties.

But not just any sea shanties.   Tik Tok shanties.

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