Five-Minute Friday: "Depend"

So, I'm going to try another blogging prompt community: Five-Minute Friday.    The idea is to take five minutes to respond to the weekly writing prompt.   We'll see if I'm any more reliable with this prompt than with the other prompts :).

This week's prompt: "Depend".


It's hard being "the dependable one" at work.   

I joke with people that the primary reward for doing a good job on one committee is being invited to serve on two more committees.   Unfortunately, it's not really a joke; as I look around the institution, the meaningful committees all seem to be populated with the same folks --- to the point that sometimes we get confused as to which meeting we're at!

The reasons for this aren't terribly malicious.   Someone who's been tasked with chairing a committee wants to get things done.   Alas, there are people who are good at getting things done and people who are bad at getting things done --- and those attributes tend to reveal themselves relatively quickly.   So leaders tend to select those who will help them rather than hinder them.   And the dependable ones end up being asked to do more --- far more --- than their fair share of the institution's service load.

Much of this wouldn't be so bad, if the work were recognized.   Alas, most of the work of the dependable ones goes on behind the scenes, and so it's not obvious when the work is done well.  (On the other hand, it's quite obvious if the work isn't done, or is done poorly.   Not unlike playing goalie on a hockey team.)


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