Five-Minute Friday: Need

Today's five-minute writing prompt appears courtesy of Five Minute Friday.

We teach our students in computer science classes that the hardest thing about computer science, by far, is not writing code.   It's not even designing code to be written.   It's figuring out what code should be written in the first place.

It is notoriously difficult for clients and users to explain what they "need" in a particular software product.   They describe what they think they need, of course.   But it is very difficult to envision something that does not yet exist.   Most of the time, people ask for something that looks pretty much like what they have, except perhaps a little bigger or faster or prettier or whatever.

And so good software developers spend quite a bit of time with clients trying to figure out not what they say they need, but what they really need.

Am I any different in my personal life?   I could sit here and rattle off a bunch of my felt needs.   But do any of them address the core issues in my life?   What do I do when those felt needs aren't being met?   What do I do with verses like "My God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus" (Phil. 4:19) --- taken horribly out of context, like some magic incantation --- when I'm sitting here feeling my needs are unmet?

It's hard living in the in-between place between "what I think I need" and "what I really need".


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