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Random thoughts:
  • A thousand things to do at work, a thousand things to do at home, and no time or energy to do any of them. Yes, it's the December stress attack, right on schedule. I wish I could find a way to get more sleep.
  • Why is it that the "hour" I have here at the library to get stuff done while Clara's at dance ends up only turning into twenty minutes of actual useful time? (And why am I wasting the time blogging?)
  • Actually, I know why I'm wasting time blogging. With too much to do, I tend to go splat and do less than nothing. There's a point at which the stress becomes counterproductive. Sigh.
  • Who put the bop in the bop-she-bop-she-bop? (See, I told you it was random thoughts ...)
  • The most striking thing about the public reaction to Bo Schembechler's death, for me, has been the storytelling. Almost universally, no-one is talking about his brilliance as a football strategist. Everyone is talking about the impact he had on people, personally. I never had the chance to meet Bo, though I was a student during the last years of his coaching. But I hope I have half of that kind of impact on people by the time God calls me onward. Godspeed, Bo.
  • One Night With The King was a solid movie. Not great or spectacular, mind you, but a solid piece of work. Hope y'all get a chance to catch it in the second-run theaters or on cable. There's a lot worse stuff out there.
  • This item intentionally left blank.

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