Five-Minute Friday: Near

Okay, I'm really late on this one.   So be it.

Today's five-minute writing prompt appears courtesy of Five Minute Friday.

Advent is a period of expectation: waiting for the arrival of God amongst us.   Waiting for God to draw near.

But God drawing near doesn't mean that we notice.

God chose to enter our world in human form.   His birth was accompanied by a cosmic event, and heralded by a host of angels singing.

And you know who noticed?   Practically nobody.

Sure, a bunch of shepherds tending their flocks by night.   (How low do you have to be on the social ladder to not only have a job tending stinky sheep, but to have the night shift on top of it?)   They came and worshiped, but that's not exactly the adulation anyone would want.

A couple of old people at the temple noticed when his parents showed up to dedicate him, but nobody pays attention to crazy old people anyways.

Months later, some professors from a foreign university showed up and asked the authorities about where this new king was, so they could offer proper worship (which they did).   The official response --- after the foreigners were safely away, of course --- was to commit an act of genocide in order to protect those in power.

This is the greeting that the creator of the world received when he chose to draw near to us.

And ... knowing that would happen, he came anyways.

One of the most comforting things about Advent, for me, is that even though I can't sense God's nearness most of the time, that doesn't change the fact that God is near.   I may be unable to see him, or unwilling to see him, but he's there nevertheless.


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