Wednesday Hodgepodge: 10-11 January 2018

A little late, because ... oh, who knows?

The Wednesday Hodgepodge appears courtesy of From This Side Of The Pond.

1. January is National Mentoring Month. Have you ever had a mentor? Been a mentor? How would you rate the experience?

Academia is basically filled with mentoring relationships --- some official, some unofficial.   Even the para-church organization I'm affiliated with (InterVarsity Christian Fellowship), which operates inside academia, is filled with mentoring relationships.

Rating those experiences?   The best of times, the worst of times.   Sometimes the person mentoring you provides you with great counsel; sometimes, not so much.   On the whole, though, I've gained far more than I've lost from my mentors.

2. What current trend makes no sense to you?

It's been hard for me to figure out how to answer this ... because there are people who read my social media postings and then get mad at me behind my back.

But I'll do it anyways.

In 2011, only 30% of white Evangelical Christians believed that an elected official who committed an immoral act in their personal life could still behave ethically and fulfill their duties in their public and professional life.

In 2016, that number had risen to 72%.

(Source: Public Religion Research Institute, as reported by The Washington Post.)

3. I saw a cartoon on facebook highlighting a few 'weird' things that make you happy as an adult. The list included-writing with a nice pen, having plans cancelled, freshly cleaned sheets, eating the corner brownie, cleaning the dryer lint screen, and sipping coffee in that brief time before anyone else wakes up. (Credit for the cartoon goes here) Of the 'weird' things listed which one makes you happiest? What is one more 'weird' thing you'd add to the list?

I'll admit ... writing with a nice pen is a rare pleasure.   My other weird pleasure (which, alas, doesn't happen too often to me) is seeing a clean kitchen.

4. What's the last good thing you ate?

My wife made a lovely pre-mixed cream of rice soup with some cooked chicken that, on a really cold Michigan night, was delightful.

5. Describe life in your 20's in one sentence.

I'm moving from place to place, preparing for the rest of my life.

6. Insert your own random thought here.

It's a new year ... and I'm stalled.   You'd think that after six months of teaching on overload, having a term when I'm teaching on reduced load would leave me with tons of time to get all those things done that I couldn't do before.   But I can't.   I'm sitting in my office with a ton of things to be done and can't figure out how to get started.   Apparently, I've been running on adrenaline for so long that I can't figure out how to run on normal energy levels.   sigh


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