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  • Grr. Wife complained that the brakes were squeaking. Took it to Tuffy ... who points out that when I got the brakes replaced 8 months ago, the mechanic put the brakes on wrong, and the squeaking is caused by the brake rotor rubbing against the wheel, putting a nice groove in it. Took it back to the mechanic ... but the technician who did the install 8 months ago is out of town until Friday. Sigh. (At least, they haven't started pulling the "it must be your fault" excuse ... yet ...)
  • Our Christmas tree is up and decorated. Amazing. We invited colleagues of Jane's over on Saturday, who'd never been in the states for Christmas, and invited them to "help" us put up the Christmas tree. Visions of Mark Twain and a certain whitewashed fence kept popping into my brain.
  • Watching the Monday night football game right now ... and you can barely see the field due to the sudden snowstorm in Seattle. Massively cool.
  • Principle #82: A burrito is not a sandwich.

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