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The Bag of Crap - Jim Huggins — LiveJournal
December 4th, 2006
01:36 pm
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The Bag of Crap
Well, my Bag of Crap from the Woot-Off arrived today:

  • One Samsonite camera bag (small size, for camera or mini-camcorder)
  • One Thermos(TM) Ultimate Stainless Steel Pub Glass
  • One red "gelicious" pen
  • One SoundFeeder(TM) FM Stereo Transmitter

On the whole, I suppose I should be pretty pleased ... not a bad haul for $8. But I was looking around in the forum, and other folks were getting Roboraptors and Roombas and iScoobas. Ahh, well ... guess that's why I don't play the lottery.

And, as they say in the Woot-Off ... if you don't get the crap you love, love the crap you get. :)

Current Mood: underwhelmed

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