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Anyone got a little joy to share? - Jim Huggins — LiveJournal
December 11th, 2006
08:49 am
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Anyone got a little joy to share?
I don't get it.

In a season which talks incessantly about joy ... why am I discouraged and/or depressed?

Is it just that I've become so narcissistic that I can't get outside my own little head?

Is it that I can't manage to recognize the signs of joy around me?

Or ... perhaps more likely ... is it just that December is a @#$#@-load of work for faculty, who have to get all their extra term-ending academic work done while trying to do all the extra holiday-related work around the house --- not to mention the usual ordinary stuff like laundry and dishes and diaper changes?

I can't seem to find the joy. Maybe it'll find me somehow.


[P.S. To darthdingus: yeah, I know, you tagged me. One of these days ...]

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Date:December 11th, 2006 04:15 pm (UTC)
I know what you mean. I had it slightly easier because I was at work during this time (more people to be with, more money, etc) but I know how maddening it is to feel depressed during the holidays.

Things are markedly better now that I've moved back home. Last year was the pits though. I was working a minimum wage job and had NO money for gifts and barely enough to pay for gas to get home.

If you've lost somebody (my father, most notably for me) then the holidays are much harder. Take that sadness and multiply it by about 10.

Joy will find you. I recommend going out and trying to find it, either in a long walk or a good book. It helps me. Just taking time out for yourself is helpful.

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Date:December 11th, 2006 06:26 pm (UTC)
Winter is a lousy season that way. The sun isn't up nearly long enough, and for me, that is a total mood-killer. That, and a lot of people out in public are frazzled and short-tempered and that doesn't help.

the only bit of joy I have to share is a picture of A in a Santa hat, which I will post someday soon.
Date:December 12th, 2006 04:24 am (UTC)
Pardon me for butting in... I agree with WildIrishRose. The lack of sunlight sucks the joy right out of winter and the associated holidays.

Don't compare yourself to others who seem to be having a better time of it. Maybe they are; maybe they're just better at faking it. Instead, try to take pleasure in the little things, even in changing diapers. Joy will find you when you stop looking so hard for it.
Date:December 13th, 2006 09:15 pm (UTC)
I'm a former student of yours and stumbled across your livejournal somewhat recently. It's great to check in every once in a while and see what's going on, but I haven't had anything to add until now.

So here is my advice for re-locating the joy in this season: take a step back from all the things you have to get done and remember why you are doing them in the first place. Take a moment for yourself to recharge, then give your children a big hug. And when it gets to be too much, let a couple of the things that don't really matter all that much slide (so the laundry waits a day - that's worth taking the kids out to see all the lights around the neighborhood). I'm sure you already know all this, but sometimes we lose sight of the "big picture" by focusing on the details. Remember that that ooey-gooey holiday feelings are joy and PEACE. You can't really have one without the other, so do something to re-find your center (hug your family, take a walk, pet a dog or cat, or sip a hot cup of cocoa), and I bet the rest will start falling into place for you.
And go eat your lunch someplace with big windows - a bit of natural light could be very helpful :)
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