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The Nativity Story

It's probably too late by now ... but if you haven't seen it yet, The Nativity Story is a cool movie to see.

I've been struck for many years (at least since my own undergraduate days --- thank you, Tom Trevethan) with the fact that the retelling of the Nativity story has gotten too pretty over the years.

A land under occupation by an unfeeling, brutal oppressor. A young unmarried couple. She's pregnant, and he's not the father. Forced to travel by imperial edict. Giving birth out in a barn in the middle of nowhere, because nothing else is available. The only people who seem to notice are some stinky farmhands (have *you* ever been around sheep?), and some weird professors from out East somewhere.

And this is the way that Jesus chooses to come into our world.

This is exactly the way that The Nativity Story tells its tale. No halos hovering over peoples heads. Gabriel isn't suspended in mid-air like an overgrown hummingbird. Just a bunch of real people, trying to make sense of their world.

I was personally struck by the character of Joseph. The writers portray him as a good man, burdened with a sense of overwhelming responsibility. (How do you become step-father to the Messiah?) Lately, I've felt overwhelmed by the responsibilities in my life. At some level, it's comforting to know that God does this to people ... and although you may not understand it at the time, you don't have to. God does.

Anyways, if it's still showing near you, you ought to see it.

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