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For Kettering only: Teaching Award Nominations - Jim Huggins — LiveJournal
January 31st, 2007
01:49 pm
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For Kettering only: Teaching Award Nominations
This post will only be of interest to Kettering University students and alumni.  I think that most of you reading my blog fall into that category.  But for the few of you who aren't there, I'll hide the rest behind a cut:

The 2006 Call for Nominations for the three Kettering teaching awards (Outstanding Teaching Award, Educational Scholar Award, and Tutt Innovation in Teaching Award) has been announced:


Details on the three awards can be found at the link above, including how to submit nominations.

I hesitate to post this in my own blog, for fear that this could be interpreted as me trolling for nominations.  That's not my motivation.  I won the Outstanding Teaching Award in 2002, and it was a thrill beyond measure.  I'd love to get it again, of course, but receiving the award once is already a great privilege that most faculty won't receive.

And that's my point.  There are plenty of well-deserving faculty at Kettering that also deserve this honor.  And I can tell you that, among the faculty, there are few awards that mean more than the Outstanding Teaching Award.  (Perhaps none mean more than that one.) 

So ... if there's a teacher that means (or meant) a lot to you, please consider nominating him or her for this award.  It's a great way to say "thanks".

And if you simply must nominate me, I suppose I can live with it.  :)

In utterly trivial news ... I bought three LeakFrogs during the Woot-off.  I guess that's the sign of being an old man ... I pass up on all the cool technology toys in order to get the stuff that will detect when I've got water leaking out of the sump or the toilet.  Sigh.

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Date:February 1st, 2007 10:29 am (UTC)

Outstanding Teaching Award

I once won the "Instructor of the Year Award". (It was so long ago the we smelled of chalk dust at the end of the day -- instead of the having the giddy feeling caused by organic brain disease from sniffing dry-erase markers all day). And even at the low level of the academic institution I was teaching at, it was still an honor.

Today I'll find out if I get promoted to Principal Engineer. This is sort of like "MTS" at other companies. I doubt it, but stranger things have happened...
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