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Stolen from wibble42, while waiting for the Super Bowl to start ...

Star Trek Series: Probably DS9.  I appreciated the arc, and the chance for characters to grow and change.   It's also reminiscent of Babylon 5, which may or may not be a coincidence, depending on how much of a conspiracy theorist you are ...

Star Trek Movie: Probably Wrath of Khan.  (Haven't seen Nemesis yet, but it's on my shelf.)

Star Trek Character: Harcourt Fenton Mudd.  Unless you're talking about the regulars, in which case, probably Data.

Star Trek Pairing: Probably Picard/Daren from Lessons.  The most reasonable falling-in-love story in the genre, especially for Picard.  (I never understood the Picard/Vash thing.)

Alien Race:  Vulcans.

Alien World: gee, we only see most of them for one episode.  Romulus was pretty cool.

Federation Class Starship: Defiant.

TOS Episode: The Trouble with Tribbles.

TNG Episode: Gosh, they're so different.  The Inner Light, probably.

DS9 Episode: Haven't seen these lately ... though I've seen some on Spike.  Probably Crossover.

VOY Episode: Haven't seen these at all lately.

ENT Episode: I have all of them on tape, but have only seen a few.

Star Trek Quote:  "It is ... it is ... it is green."  Data to Scotty, Relics


Star Trek Series: Hard to say.  Maybe Enterprise by default, just because I haven't made a point of watching it yet.

Star Trek Movie: Final Frontier.  Had a friend on the nets who swore that the movie had never been filmed.

Star Trek Character: Admiral Nechayev from TNG.  Far too one-note for someone who was a recurring character.

Star Trek Pairing: Like I said above, Picard/Vash just didn't make sense for me.

Alien Race: Um.  Again, it's hard to have a memorable race when you tend to see them only once.

Alien World: Same here.

Federation Class Starship: Dunno that any really qualified.

TOS Episode: Spock's Brain.

TNG Episode: The Outcast.

DS9 Episode: Nothing I really react violently to.

VOY Episode: Same.

ENT Episode: Haven't seen enough to judge.

Star Trek Quote: Hard to remember a bad quote, really.


Trekkie or Trekker? Trekkie.

Kirk or Picard? Picard.

Defiant or Delta Flyer? Defiant.

Tribbles or Targs? Tribbles.

Coffee, Black or Tea, Earl Grey? Tea, I guess.  Not into hot beverages, really.

Porthos or Spot? Spot.  (Who was Porthos?)

EMH or Data? Data, hands down.

Pah-wraiths or Prophets? Prophets, hands down.  I like the good guys.

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