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So, for the first time in years, I'm sitting at home, watching the Super Bowl by myself instead of at a party with friends.

The chief problem is, this time, no-one invited me over to a party.

The last few years, I managed to talk various friends with large TVs and living rooms into hosting a party.  But I couldn't talk anyone into it this year.  Before that, we tried to host a Super Bowl party once or twice ... and basically nobody came.  Apparently, we're not great hosts for this sort of event.  (Yes, I'm over-reacting.  Remember the comment on the lj-cut?)

So, I'm blogging, cleaning up toys, reading newspapers, forgetting to watch the commercials, and the like, while my boy is playing his Reader Rabbit game at the same time.

It'd be nice if I felt like someone took the initiative to reach out to me.  I'm trying ... honest I am ... to reach out to other people.  But it's tiring when you feel like nobody's reaching out to you.

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