Jim Huggins (jkhuggins) wrote,
Jim Huggins


Trying to avoid cleaning house ... this time, it's all wibble42's fault:

1. State a name you don't have, but wouldn't mind living with:
For a while, I had an affection for "Diego" (mind you, this was before the animated character of the same name).  I think I was told by someone that Diego is a legitimate translation of "James" into Spanish ... and the TA I had for Spanish-I in college took "James" and called me something that sounded like "hi-may".  Grr.  He was such a jerk.  But I digress ...

2. An address you wish you had:
Hm.  Don't really know where to go with this one ... trying to think of an interesting one and failing miserably ...

3. What you REALLY wanted for breakfast this morning:
More, more, and more.  But I'm trying to semi-diet, so I'm trying to push away that kind of quantity.  Sigh.

4. Tapioca Pudding: tasty treat or hideous slop?
I think I'm slowly coming around to the "tasty treat" camp, but it's gotta be good tapioca ...

5. Diet Coke or Coke Zero or some other fizzy brown water?
I've taken to Coke Zero, actually.  I tried Diet Coke a few times, but literally spit it back out.

6. Which would make a better Pope: Batman or Dr. Who? Why?
I've not seen much Who.  There's appeal in the Michael Keaton Batman, though ... authoritative, succinct, with just a bit of mystery ...

7: If you could be any character from any Star Trek show, who would you be?
Gee, that's a tough one.  Riker has some significant appeal.  Second-banana is pretty good for me.

8: Debussy or Ravel?
I don't know much Ravel.  But I hated playing Debussy when I took piano, so Ravel wins by default.

9. Hemingway or Fitzgerald?
Never read either, sorry ...

10. Picasso or Matisse?
Sorry again there ...

11. Linguini or Angel Hair?
Probably linguini.  Gotta have some substance to a pasta ...

12. Are beets actually food?
Sure.  Not that I'd eat them, of course.

13. What Canadian Province are you most like and why?
Newfoundland.  I love any place that's half-an-hour out of sync with the rest of reality.

14. If you could avoid any further exposure to a current celebrity, who would you chose?
Paris Hilton is the obvious choice.  But I'd vote for Jesse Jackson.

15. Is there a conspiracy?
I'm not allowed to discuss it.

16. What is your favourite flower?
I'm too busy to stop and smell the roses, usually.  Hey, yeah, that's it ... rose.  Sure.  Right.  Quick, look over there ...

17. Pick five people you do not actually know - living or dead - to have dinner with together.
Martin Luther King Jr. tops the list, easily.  After that, I haven't thought much.  From the CS and Christianity world, I'd pick Don Knuth and Fred Brooks.  Oh, and definitely Grace Hopper.  For a fifth ... probably Michael Card.

18. How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Tootsie-Pop?
The world may never know.

19. You're sitting on a beautiful beach, watching the waves. It's a glorious day -- perfect in whatever way you like it to be. As you calmly enjoy your peaceful solitude it is suddenly interrupted by whom doing what? THINK FAST GIVE YOUR FIRST THOUGHT ANSWER.
Someone kicking sand onto me.

20. What does peanut butter taste best with?
Wish I had an original answer ... but wibble42 is right on this one: chocolate.

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