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Sad Kettering news

For those of you not in the area:

College student killed in accidental shooting (from Detroit News)

Kettering seems to have about one campus death per year . . . and since we're talking about young adults here, the causes of death are almost always unnatural causes (boating accident, traffic accident, suicide, gunshot).  It's terribly sad in any situation . . . but for someone to be inadvertently shot and killed by a close friend and fraternity brother is sad beyond words.  One man is dead, another man will probably spend his most productive years in prison for manslaughter, and countless other men will suffer horrible memories for years to come.

I've used a firearm exactly once in my life, under careful and helpful supervision.  My wife has used a rifle more often (living on a farm).  But folks, there's a simple rule: always treat a firearm as if it's loaded, even if you "know" that it's unloaded.

Please, please, please, be careful out there.

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